What the world eats

What the world eats is a photo story from Time. I remember seeing the same set of images couple of years back and am glad to get it again. We have to admit that processed foods and getting increased adoption worldwide. These two pictures surprised me.

I am also happy that people are taking notice on how much processed food we take.

Here is a comment on the photo story.

What I noticed more than anything else is that processed food is inversely proportional to fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods., Even in the more Westernized countries, the less processed foods that are seen, the less money that has been spent on food.

There’s a HUGE lesson here for anyone who wants to learn it.

I bring muesli or some cereals for breakfast whenever I come by cycle to office. It is time for me to switch to boiled brown rice, banana, vegetables, what not.


Jony and iPhone 5c

0:18 we believe iPhone is an experience, and experience is defined by hardware and software working harmoniously together. We continue to refine that experience dramatically blurring the boundaries between the two making it more powerful, more intuitive and ultimately more useful.