Software professionals and their communication

I came across Sangam on wheels when I was searching for roadsters. I spoke to him and learnt that he stocks several models. I was not confident that he would have good roadsters but I still wanted to meet him. I rode 37kms to meet him in sun. He has a good stock on BSOs and few roadsters. He is a gentleman – he explained about different models, their prices and quality. The father-son duo has good knowledge on all the models and gave complete information about roadsters. His son even mentioned that he can get slightly good quality roadster with some waiting period. I didn’t place the order but told that I will get back after researching more.

It is common among my colleagues to mix languages not only in work-related discussions but even during chat. In the one hour I spent with Mr. Sangam and his son, both of them spoke only in English and not even a word in Hindi or Kannada. Nor did they struggle. When I asked a question on rusting, “It will rust sir but not in the blink of an eye” was the immediate reply. Is it true that software professionals are not good in communication? I guess so.


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