Make the user feel proud for his purchase

Our daughter likes tomato soup a lot (she calls as “red soup”). I bought Maggi Rich Tomato soup that comes as granules. As this is the first time I am trying this, I went through the instructions and was surprised at the language. Awesome!



A nice talk on txting

John McWhorter is a linguist. I am a programmer with an average fluency in English. Since I am passionate about programming, I get mad when I see grammar mistakes in code documentation or even with abbreviated words. If the current generation is busy txting, how can I expect good code if some of them become programmers?

Thanks to TED.

The effect of Scrum on my personal life

I have been using Scrum process (in pure, hybrid, improper, dirty and all possible ways) for 3+ years. While several organisations are trying to adopt Scrum, there is another sector throwing out reasons why they failed in Scrum.

I am not a process maniac, I like to adopt simple processes that focus on goals.

Scrum has changed me in a way. I have few hobbies and there is always something to buy. I make a list and seek for budget approval from home ministry and the obvious answer is no. I was wondering why I shouldn’t have a scrum board on my fridge and prioritise the things I have to buy. I can tell the budget minister if I bring an item to the top and seek slightly faster approval. It will also give me a chance to see the whole picture of what I have to buy in the coming days. Will this not work? I may not buy the things but the board and evening stand up meetings will definitely work. 🙂

Software professionals and their communication

I came across Sangam on wheels when I was searching for roadsters. I spoke to him and learnt that he stocks several models. I was not confident that he would have good roadsters but I still wanted to meet him. I rode 37kms to meet him in sun. He has a good stock on BSOs and few roadsters. He is a gentleman – he explained about different models, their prices and quality. The father-son duo has good knowledge on all the models and gave complete information about roadsters. His son even mentioned that he can get slightly good quality roadster with some waiting period. I didn’t place the order but told that I will get back after researching more.

It is common among my colleagues to mix languages not only in work-related discussions but even during chat. In the one hour I spent with Mr. Sangam and his son, both of them spoke only in English and not even a word in Hindi or Kannada. Nor did they struggle. When I asked a question on rusting, “It will rust sir but not in the blink of an eye” was the immediate reply. Is it true that software professionals are not good in communication? I guess so.

Bangalore in numbers

estimated percentage of population to be evacuated in Bangalore if the current water woes continue

percent of borewell water in the city that is contaminated with sewage and is unfit for drinking

percent of borewell water in the city that is contaminated with sewage and is unfit for drinking

number of lakes existed in the city at one point of time

number of lakes that remain on the map, albeit for namesake, and are gasping for breath

percent of water that goes unaccounted from water distribution lines

the year beyond which it is difficult for BWSSB to provide potable water

million litres of water BWSSB distributes per day

percentage of water lost in transmission

million litres of water reaching 16 lakh properties spanning 800

acceptable percentage for transmission loss

percentage of unmetered connections


It is here that the question of equity and insecurity-led storage comes into the picture. According to A.R. Shivakumar, rainwater harvesting specialist at the Indian Institute of Science, who has done considerable amount of work on water management practices, while the privileged in the city pay Rs. 6 to 9 for each 1,000 litres of water supplied to them by the BWSSB, the underprivileged pay Rs. 20 for the same quantity. But that’s not all. There are sections of people in slums in the city who have to cough up even Rs. 250 for the same quantity of water fetched through autorickshaws or home-delivered on bicycles.

It is this uncertainty that leads the people to store water and invest heavily on building storages, be it huge sumps, overhead tanks or drums or plastic bingis, as the case may be. Shivakumar estimates that Bangalore homes can store 8,000 million litres of water on an average day.

capacity of BWSSB reservoir in million litres

amount in rupees a consumer spends in constructing a storage for every litre of water

percentage of water wasted from storage because of cracks

estimated number of borewells in lakhs

amount in crores spent is digging the borewells at the rate of Rs. 40,000 per well

percentage of water for domestic consumers


percentage of water for non-domestic consumers

percentage of water for industries

percentage of water for defense

percentage of water for railways

average annual rainfall

percentage of need that can be supplemented by adopting rain water harvesting

percentage of need that can be supplemented by recycling waste water

Source: article in The Hindu.