Observations from Wake Up, Clean Up Bengaluru

Dumping garbages and protests from villagers next to landfills gathered media attention in Bangalore last month. The High Court and the BBMP had their own arguments of how garbage is being handled. BBMP gave several statistics on how much garbage is generated vs. how much contract has been awarded to clear them but it was revealed that they don’t how much garbage the city generates every day. Newspapers published photos of garbage mountains though they are a usual sight in the area I live.

Because of this issue, BBMP organised the Wake up, Clean up Bengaluru exhibition at Freedom Park. I and my friend in our apartment went on 10th to see what actually is going on.

The stalls at the entrance described about how long it would take for paper, plastic, rubber, etc. would take to decay. One lady was kind enough to explain how to setup a vermicompost at home. She also encouraged to use metal plates and bottles as opposed to use-and-throw plates and bottles at parties or gatherings.

The next exhibit is by commerical organisations that set up plants to process garbage and convert it into furnace oil. Such large scale plants are meant for communities with 500+ homes. Government bodies can maintain this as each plant requires a minimum amount of garbage per day. Few of them have already submitted proposals to BBMP.

There was another exhibit to sell cloth bags, bags made out of old jeans pants, bags from paper and boxes (like cereal boxes), paintings, ear rings, etc. A Hundered Hands is good.

After being overwhelmed with the concern people show towards the concept of reduce and recycle, we sat for a cup of tea which gave the biggest disappointment for the day – the stall served dishes in paper plates and sold Manikchand water bottles. This is India and “preach and breach” is very common, yet the organisers could have avoided this.

This post is to spread information about these organisations doing a fantastic job.

  • ASA Recyling takes electronic wastes and recycles. We are planning to give used CFLs and fluorescent bulbs for safe disposal. You can also go to them to buy used electronic components for hobby projects. They had few heat sinks on their table.
  • Akruthi Concepts is into water management. They distribute Neoperl products in South India. We have already called Mr. Rajesh for a brief demonstration to sprinklers and flow regulators. They also have solutions to run sewage treatment plant without much electricity.
  • Trees for free plants trees if you request them. They don’t offer advice for bushes or plants as their aim is to grow trees that will live long. They offer sapling and maintenance tips. I am planning to run the Bangalore TCS World 10K 2013 to support them.
  • Daily Dump has several new products for apartments.

Akruthi Concepts and ASA Recyling are my favourites from that day.


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