The art of programming

I am proud in introducing myself as a programmer. I started my career in software industry 12 years ago. I graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1999. I had passion to pursue a career in electrical motor design, switchgear design, power systems, illumination engineering, CAD, etc. but I could manage to get a job only in software. I still like this job but there is not much to engineer when we develop common business applications.

Software development outsourcing to India is known, this industry provides employment to thousands and thousands of engineers and generates crores and crores of income from other countries. The engineers come from different disciplines that are not directly related to software – chemical, civil, textile to name a few. Computers are used everywhere but that doesn’t mean that all of us program in some form or other. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates envisioned a computer for every home but they never wanted every human to program.

The terms software industry and information technology industry may sound synonymous but they are different. The latter refers to any industry that uses information while the former is about software development. A graduate entering such an industry is invariably called as a software professional; I don’t know why we crown him as a professional from day one. He writes programs for two or three years after which he demands a manger role. If the team lacks a senior, the company makes him a manager! After assuming a manager role, he thinks that programming is an inferior job. A person writing a “Hello World” program is also a programmer while a person implementing an operating system is also a programmer – the expertise needed for these tasks vary.

I read this article in The Hindu several months ago and wanted to keep a record. It also deserves to be the first post in this blog. Many thanks to Ramesh.

Article from The Hindu

Programming is an art. All programmers must be craftsmen.


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